Short film, 4’57’’
April 2017

Participated in Ryuichi Sakamoto | async International short film competition

The inspiration came from the emotion that I got in airport when I left London, everything surround me is not so clear and true in that moment. So once I back to my hometown, I was thinking the way how to catch up my emotion.

I made many paper planes and took photography of them, then shoot many daily life scenes by anytime to observe how the state of everything changed.
These Planes are flying in anywhere of room peacefully and slowly, it makes time and space disappear.
I cannot feel what is time, and how long time it passed... In this video, I try to show even people left living traces, but people never show up in this video.
We also don't know about the sizes of objects and our life.

Exhibition still, installation with video, May 2017, Cookhouse Gallery Chlesea College of Arts, London