Artist Statement

My accomplishment in the art field centres upon construction of conceptions, my works cover video, theatre, performance and installation. My theme always about relationship, time, endless, instability... But each piece has specific theme by different objects and atmosphere which I created. I would like to build strange objects and spaces for supporting my theme which makes time and space disorder. I collect many clips idea from daily life, then contribute them to the work which has own system while researching reference and information. I want to indicate the relationship between objects and human life by using strange human action or human-made objects, I also think about function of everything exists in this world, so even I use human body in my work, I consider them as objects' meaning. I am interested in the artificial and alive things, I always build objects for my videos, I also put installation and performance inside of video for showing my ideas. Finally I show multiple-works with video, installation and live performance.