Jiaqing Mo (b.1993,hangzhou) is an visual artist, film maker, she has win the Tiffany&Co. X Outset Contemporary Art Fund Studiomaker Prize in London (2017) and the P:I:G Foundation Prize by Demark fashion designer Henrik Vibskov inCopenhagen ( 2018).  Jiaqing’s art projects has her own storytelling philosphy, she use her peculiar visual language to construct surrealism and abnormal film and installation by  rhyming fragments. She uses human made objects and living organism to remake installation or functional article in her projects. By using of non-linear and cross reality narration, she attempts to ask questions about the living condition and social interpersonal communication of contemporary human, and misreading and aphasia of the real world.

莫佳青1993年出生杭州,是一位视觉艺术家、影像工作者。2017年在伦敦获得美国珠宝品牌The Tiffany&Co. 与英国当代艺术基金工作室创作者大奖,2018年在丹麦哥本哈根获得时尚鬼才设计师Henrik Vibskov个人的艺术基金P:I:G Foundation(Practical & Intelligent & Genius)年度大奖。